Stelac Capital Partners is a New York based private equity and late stage venture capital investment firm, specialized in providing growth capital to small companies looking to reach the next stage in their business. We began in 2007 as a private equity investment platform with the goal of investing in private equity opportunities, and provide investors with returns much superior than those achieved in the public markets.

We are not a “fund”. We are an investment platform that provides investors the opportunity to select investments offered by Stelac. Investors get to participate in the deals they like with no commitment.


Our unique financial backing and “family office” style of investing allows us to hold businesses for the long run. Unlike many private equity or venture capital firms, we do not need to seek an exit within 3 – 5 years of making an investment. We will get involved in direct equity investments for buyouts, growth capital, founder share sale of recapitalization scenarios, and we partner with management teams that can generate capital appreciation and dividends over a long period of time.


  • Provide growth capital to companies looking to expand to the next level.
  • Provide liquidity to founders and shareholders.
  • Participate in recapitalization scenarios.
  • Management buyouts to support entrepreneurial management teams that seek to acquire and operate attractive businesses.

Investment Criteria

  • Provide Growth Capital
  • Founder/Investor Share Sale
  • Recapitalization
  • Management Buyout

Portfolio Companies

  • Board Level Support
  • Targeted Analytical Support
  • Access to Our Network
  • Establish Collaborative Synergy

Management team

  • Seasoned Professionals
  • Stellar Track Record
  • Testimonials
  • 30+ Years Experience